Sunday, October 14, 2007

Hormonal Migraine - Menstrual Migraine

Hormonal Migraine or not, there is some link between migraine and menstruation. Though there are few studies that looked at the effect of hormones on non-migraine headaches but studies of women attending the City of London Migraine Clinic have showed that women are more prone to non-migraine headaches around the time of their period, even if they also suffer from migraine. Headaches are also a recognised symptom of the premenstrual syndrome and of the menopause. Some women notice more headaches when they start the oral contraceptive pill. These usually settle after a few months but occasionally it is necessary to change to a different type of pill. Apart from these specific events, hormonal changes have little effect on non-migraine headaches. In this case, it might be the specific type of contraceptive pill that had initiated the headache. So, it might not be conclusive enough to said that the hormonal changes caused by the contraceptive had caused the hormonal migraine.